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Major Extensions


Major Extensions


Hair extensions are a luxury, fashion accessory that require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition.

You must have your hair attended to at least every 8-12 weeks or less if advised by your consultant. Looking after hair extensions is much the same as looking after your own hair. Most people will go to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks to have roots touched up so the same level of commitment is required in the maintenance of your extensions to keep that flawless look.

Items you MUST have:

•    Hair extension brush.
•    Sectioning clips
•    Scrunchie ‘to tie up your hair at night’
•    Quality shampoo and conditioner
•    Heat protector spray
•    Leave-in conditioner

Major Extensions



Washing your hair extensions has to be done carefully to ensure they are kept in good condition.

It is important that you do NOT wash your hair for the first 5 days after having your extensions applied, if you do wash your within the first 5 days the tension on your head may cause damage to your natural hair. You may get an itchy scalp within the first week, spray with leave-in conditioner.

It is important to brush your hair as often as possible to reduce knotting and matting in the extensions and your natural hair. If you should get a slight matt you should work slowly from the bottom combing through the matt to separate and loosen.

STAY AWAY FROM OILY/GREASY PRODUCTS. Ask your consultant for recommended products.

Before washing your hair, brush your hair ensuring all knots are out, keep hair dry and apply shampoo, leave for 10 minutes.

Wash out in straight strokes with your head tilted backwards. AVOID WASHING YOUR WHOLE HEAD MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK. Ask your consultant for more options. Follow by using conditioner and allowing to sit for 10 minutes before rinsing out.

Use medium heat to dry roots of your hair first (especially if you have cold bonds). Make sure your hair is completely dry before styling. ALWAYS use a leave-in conditioner to lock in moisture. ALWAYS use heat protection spray before straightening hair to ensure you do not damage the extensions.


Major Extensions

Swimming & Holidays

It is advised not to use swimming pools or salt water whilst you have hair extensions.

This could lead to discoloration and degrading of the extensions. If you decide to take the risk the aftercare advice must be followed. However this does not guarantee that the extensions will not be damaged and we cannot take any responsibility.

If you holiday in hot countries or expose your extensions to lengthy sun exposure, natural bleaching of your hair extensions can occur for which we cannot accept responsibility.

It is recommended that you visit your hair extensions consultant before going on holiday to ensure your extensions are well fitted.

Before swimming please pull hair tightly into a pony tail at the lower part of the head and place a band very tightly around it.

Plait the remainder of your hair very tight and place a band at the end so that it will stay intact whilst swimming.

When finished swimming and want to loosen your hair follow instructions:

  1. Keep hair plaited and shower for 5 mins until you feel that all the chlorine and salt has been washed.
  2. Remove the first band at the end of the plait and slowly loosen the plait.
  3. Add shampoo to that section only and squeeze it through until you have a lather. (DO NOT RUB).
  4. Wash out until water is running clear.
  5. Remove second band and gently part hair with your fingers.
  6. Add shampoo and gently squeeze through hair.
  7. Wash out under shower keeping hair straight.
  8. Apply shampoo over whole of your head and keeping everything straight gently stoke through and wash out.
  9. Wrap towel around hair to soak up excess water, then gently brush hair to remove minor tangles.
  10. Dry naturally or blow dry with medium heat.
Major Extensions

Hair Straighteners


We recommend that you do not use your straighteners everyday and make sure that you use a straightener with a temperature gauge.

  • Before you start make sure you brush hair thoroughly.
  • Sections your hair and spray each section with heat defence spray before applying straighteners
  • Clamp straighteners and with one single firm slow stroke move it down your hair,

Other Important Information

  • Always put your hair in a loose plait for bed
  • Brush whenever possible.
  • NEVER was your hair upside down unless washing the top of your natural hair.
  • NEVER go to bed with your hair damp.
  • Always return to the salon for maintenance appointments every 6-12 weeks depending on the technique used for application.
Major Extensions