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Major Extensions


You Look Amazing!

Your brand new extensions are installed and looking fabulous! It is important to read and understand all of our Aftercare advice in order to keep your Natural hair and Hair extensions in the best condition. Please follow our Aftercare guide below.

Major Extensions


Hair extensions are a luxury, fashion accessory that require regular maintenance to keep them in top condition.

Important Information:

  • After your extensions have been applied you may experience slight discomfort for the first couple of days whilst your scalp adjusts to the new thickness or weight of your extensions. If you have scalp sensitivity then this may be heightened. You may also experience some itchiness and this should subside after the first week.
  • Do not wash your Hair or wear it in tight hairstyles for the first week. Any added pressure may cause additional discomfort and can cause sore areas.
  • Maintenance advice should be given at your installation date. You must return to the salon within 6-8 weeks for any removals or maintenance. Failure to do so may cause damage to your natural hair.

5 Must Haves for your Hair Extensions:

  1. Soft Detangling or Hair extension Brush
  2. Heat Defence spray
  3. Quality professional Brand of Hair extension Shampoo & Conditioner
  4. Hair oil
  5. Hair Mask

Daily Care:

There are a few things you must remember to do each and everyday to ensure your extensions stay in the best condition. It is important to thoroughly brush your hair a minimum of TWICE per day to minimise knotting in the extensions and also ensure no knotting occurs at the roots of your hair. You should begin brushing your hair at the ends and work your way up to roots.

Apply a Hair oil TWICE per day. A small 20p size amount should be used and smoothed throughout your hair and finished with a light brush to ensure that the product has been applied evenly.

When going to sleep you must ensure you wear your extensions In a loose plait or ponytail.

Major Extensions



Washing your hair extensions has to be done carefully to ensure they are kept in good condition.

We recommend that you only wash your extensions a MAXIMUM of TWICE per week. Please follow the instructions below for effective washing techniques.


Brush your hair thoroughly and always ensure you are going to be washing your hair sttod up in the shower to keep your extensions tangle free.


Wet hair thoroughly. Dispense a 50p size of shampoo into your hands and emulsify together. Apply directly to roots at the top of your scalp and begin to massage gently continue to lather whilst ensuring your extensions stay smooth and sleek. REMEMBER that you are only focusing on the roots of your hair whilst shampooing.

Rinse and Repeat….This time you will find that the product spreads much easier and you are able to gently Lather the shampoo throughout the hairline and between your extensions.



Condition the Mid length and ends of your extensions generously whilst ensuring the extensions are kept smooth at all times. Allow conditioner to Sit for 3-5 Minutes. RINSE THOROUGHLY


Squeeze as much water out of your extensions as possible. Proceed to place a towel around your shoulders to soak up all excess water.

Major Extensions

Swimming & Holidays

It is advised not to use swimming pools or salt water whilst you have hair extensions.


This could lead to discoloration and degrading of the extensions. If you decide to take the risk the aftercare advice must be followed. However this does not guarantee that the extensions will not be damaged and we cannot take any responsibility.

If you holiday in hot countries or expose your extensions to lengthy sun exposure, natural bleaching of your hair extensions can occur for which we cannot accept responsibility.

It is recommended that you visit your hair extensions consultant before going on holiday to ensure your extensions are well fitted.

Before swimming please pull hair tightly into a pony tail at the lower part of the head and place a band very tightly around it.

Plait the remainder of your hair very tight and place a band at the end so that it will stay intact whilst swimming.

When finished swimming and want to loosen your hair follow instructions:

1. Keep hair plaited and shower for 5 mins until you feel that all the chlorine and salt has been washed.
2. Remove the first band at the end of the plait and slowly loosen the plait.
3. Add shampoo to that section only and squeeze it through until you have a lather. (DO NOT RUB).
4. Wash out until water is running clear.
5. Remove second band and gently part hair with your fingers.
6. Add shampoo and gently squeeze through hair.
7. Wash out under shower keeping hair straight.
8. Apply shampoo over whole of your head and keeping everything straight gently stoke through and wash out.
9. Wrap towel around hair to soak up excess water, then gently brush hair to remove minor tangles.
10. Dry naturally or blow dry with medium heat.

Major Extensions

Drying and Styling Your Extensions


We recommend that you do not use your straighteners everyday and make sure that you use a straightener with a temperature gauge.

You may choose to let your hair dry naturally or Blow dry. Both are fine. However for the best finish we advise that you allow your hair to begin to dry naturally for 30 minutes and then proceed to Blow dry.

Before Blow drying ensure that you have applied a Heat Defence product and Hair oil. You will want to keep your extensions as smooth as possible during blow drying so the use of your extension brush is advised.

Once your extensions are dry you may wish to use a Heated tool to style your hair. Again we advise that you use a Heat defence product and a Hair oil to keep your extensions hydrated and protected.

Good quality heated tools are a must. If your straighteners drag on your hair they need replacing. THIS WILL CAUSE BREAKAGE TO YOUR NATURAL HAIR AND EXTENSIONS

Extra Advice:

  • Never go to bed with wet or Damp Hair
  • Use a professional Dry shampoo between wash days if needed
  • Avoid Toning or Purple shampoo on your extensions as this can Dry hair out
  • Alter Hairstyles Daily
  • Do not colour or Bleach your hair extensions
  • Use “Scrunchie” Hair bobbles
  • Each pack of extensions differ to the next, You need to alter your haircare accordingly with each new set
  • Hair extensions can shed especially with poor aftercare, This is normal
  • Avoid Salt water and Chlorine
  • Some Suncreams will cause discolouration
  • Avoid excessive UV exposure
Major Extensions